Willy Washington – KOMPAAN Dutch Craft Beer Company 8%

Introducing Willy Washington, the fearless flavor commander, or as his pals jokingly call him, Dick – the heavyweight hero of happy hours.

So, what’s the scoop? This bad boy boasts a “moderately high alcohol percentage,” making it the VIP (Very Intoxicating President) of the beer world. It’s bitter-sweet, like a campaign promise, but with a mout-iful twist – a heavyweight champion for the winter months, amber-hued and foam finer than Willy’s campaign speeches.

And because we’re saluting ‘Murica, we’re spicing it up with American hops. Because nothing says “power” like the citrusy notes that could charm even the most stubborn filibuster. It’s a brew that’ll leave your taste buds more satisfied than a president with a well-executed executive order.

So, here’s to Willy Washington, the sultan of sips, the malted maestro, and the guy who proves that making America hop again is as easy as raising a glass. Here’s to democracy, diversity, and drinking – because in Willy’s brew, we trust. Cheers to the commander-in-craft! Shut up and take my money!


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