Herkenrode Abbey Vesper – Brouwerij Cornelissen 9%

Herkenrode Vesper is one of only 23 official Belgian abbey beers and the winner of the Silver Medal at the 2018 Australian International Beer Awards. Vesper was created by Cistercian nuns at the Herkenrode monastery, which was founded in 1182. It’s a true and tough Belgian triple, With a 9% abv, a nice bitterness and a lightly cognac aftertaste. The beer is brewed using only 100% Saaz-Saaz hops, malted barley, water, yeast and herbs grown at the Herkenrode Abbey itself. Today the beers of the Herkenrode abbey are the only beers created at an all-female abbey and still available today. Vesper is made using the original medieval recipes of the monastery. The beer is filtered which gives it a nice clear color. Herkenrode Vesper is a proud Belgian beer with high fermentation and it referments in the bottle. More at www.Herkenrode.com


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Brouwerij Cornelissen


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